The three-year English major program at the junior college (D3) level primarily focuses on English education and teaching. Typically, students opt for the D3 program due to its shorter duration and the absence of a requirement to complete a bachelor's thesis.
Currently, the D3 English major is gaining popularity among students seeking to enhance their proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. In addition to advancing their English language skills, students also harbor diverse career aspirations, including becoming interpreters, English educators, translators, tour guides, content writers, editors, and more.
Bachelor of Management degree(UK)

Offer English education and learning that aligns with the fundamental principles of Universitas Pertiwi and mirrors the progress in science and technology. Undertake research and community services that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of English. Ensure the availability of standardized infrastructure, equipment, and information technology systems. Implement a robust governance system to work collectively towards meeting national standards. Forge networks and collaborative relationships both domestically and internationally.


Strive to become a trusted institution of higher education and foster the development of competitive, ethically sound, and exceptional graduates.

Characteristic Curriculum

Indonesia Tourism

Culture TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language)

Public speech debate

Demonstration of Tourism

Culture in Indonesia

Graduate achievement
Excellent Learning Program

Tuition fee discount

Can be upgraded to a bachelor's degree (S1) course

Short-term learning (3 years)

Open employment opportunities

Knowledge and skills of oral and written communication in English. 
Proficient in one of the specific skills in the areas of English teaching (TEFL), business communication, hotel management and office management. 
Hold the certification of Survival English (SE) and English Communication (EC). 
Have a basic level of English, which is equivalent to the minimum score of 500 on the institutional TOEFL test and other equivalent tests. 
Knowledge and skills of oral and written communication in English. 
Be able to apply English knowledge and skills to various occupations. 
Ability to use information technology and communication tools. 
Knowledge of character development and communication ethics as well as character building in academic and social environments.
The prospects of graduates