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Online Management

To enhance information management and integration, educational institutions utilize an online management system known as the Training Management Information System (SIAP). SIAP facilitates the student management process, starting from the registration phase, course registration (FRS), financial management information, to the publication of final semester grades. Through SIAP, transaction management and information dissemination can be conducted efficiently and in an eco-friendly paperless manner.


An electronic library is a system that provides information about library collections, including books, periodicals, videos, hard copies, or other digital formats. Academic scholars can ascertain the availability of library materials by checking the location of library shelves and their borrowing status. To access digital library resources and online research journals, students can utilize the Internet for academic purposes within the campus vicinity."

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Online college

The online Academy system is a portal that promotes dose and interaction for students to learn outside the classroom. The portal can improve the efficiency and efficiency of academic eye learning according to the semester study plan (RPS) in the course guidance. Through STBA e-learning, students can obtain educational materials, collect tasks, and communicate with the school's eyes. With STBA e-learning, the learning process is no longer limited to classroom teaching, but can provide mobile phones, tablets or student laptops.