Student Activity Unit (UKM)

There are many choices of student activities that can be chose to increase student' talents, interest and creativity.

1) Mapala UKM
Nature Lover Student UKM (MAPALA) Pertiwi is a student activity unit that operates in the field of nature. To become a mapala member, you have to go through a special selection, because in this natural activity many obstacles that must be faced with strong mentality and instincts, so only people with certain character and abilities can become mapala members.
2) Digital Arts UKM 
Digital art is a form of contemporary art where computer technology is manipulated to create different works. Along with the development of time and technology, art is now also developing into digital works of art. Nowadays, painting can not only be created using canvas and brushes, painting can also be created with the help of increasingly developing technology, such as computers or software. Not only that, podcasts and photography are also included in digital art. By holding this UKM, it is expected that students will know how to produce art in today's digital world.
3) Choir & Music UKM
Choir & Music UKM is a UKM that studies the harmonization and unity of music, as well as contemporary arts expressed through the medium of sounds and tones created through musical instruments. Therefore, the UKM Music Club trains students to have good skills in playing music and vocals.
4) UKM Dance
UKM dance is an organization or place that contains female students who want to channel their talents in modern and traditional dance arts. In this UKM, female students can develop their potential so that they can become professional dancers.
5) UKM Badminton
Badminton division is a badminton sports facility for Universitas Pertiwi students to practice together and learn badminton techniques. The existence of a badminton division can help develop and hone the skills of its members to become even better. The general goal of the badminton division is to improve the abilities of our members, both physically and technically when playing badminton.
Student Activities
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