Pertiwi Career Center
The Career Center assists students and graduates in preparing for the industrial and job markets. In addition to providing tips and strategies for exploring career opportunities, which include career planning and CV profile preparation, the Career Center also disseminates information about industry job openings through the Campus Recruitment program and the Career Center portal. Various training programs and seminars are also organized to support students and graduates in their transition to the job market.
Business Center
The Business Center helps students and graduates pursue business opportunities of their own choice. Various training, entrepreneurship tips and tricks are also provided to enable students to start their own businesses, which in the future can open up employment opportunities. This is in line with Universitas Pertiwi's target of producing graduates who have an interest in independence and entrepreneurship.
Center for Research & Community Service
The Center for Research and Community Service (P3M) Universitas Pertiwi is a center that was formed as a forum for the tridharma process of higher education in the field of research and community service for all academics. Research conducted by lecturers and students accommodates various research results such as journals, proceedings, and other forms. In the field of community service, lecturers and students carry out various activities.
Quality Assurance Unit
Universitas Pertiwi's Quality Assurance Unit (UPM) functions to determine standards for education, research, and community service, as well as technical and strategic efforts to achieve established standards. UPM is also tasked with monitoring and auditing the course of the process of education, research, and community service. Thus, the internal quality assurance process can be implemented well, which is also reflected in the achievement of external quality assurance process rankings such as BAN PT Accreditation.