The "Exhibition Management" program, also recognized as MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions), encompasses a comprehensive range of knowledge within the realms of event planning and tourism. This includes exhibitions, festivals, concerts, parades, gatherings, conferences, seminars, or any facet linked to event management.
D4 Exhibition Management

Advance and cultivate a reputable profession in conference and event management, dedicated to producing skilled and professional Bachelor of Applied Tourism graduates with character, professionalism, and excellence, while contributing to the growth of the tourism industry. The development of applied knowledge in the field of conference and event management aims to attain the quality of professionals who adhere to the Indonesian national professional standards (as per Indonesian Ministry of Labor decree No. 246 of 2009)."


Offer dependable education and learning opportunities in the realm of applied science, dedicated to nurturing professionals characterized by integrity, professionalism, and exceptional capabilities. Undertake dependable research endeavors within the field of applied science, with a steadfast focus on integrity, professionalism, and excellence. Provide reliable professional services within the domain of applied science, emphasizing individuality, professional acumen, and outstanding proficiency.

Graduate achievement
Excellent Learning Program

Conference and exhibition management

Exhibition management

Special event management ability

Tourism industry management

Artist management

Customs management

Administration of customs

Immigration and Quarantine Management

Proficiency in creating event proposals.
Competence in organizing events from the initial planning phase to post-event reporting.
Capable of effectively promoting and publicizing events.
Proficient in utilizing persuasive communication skills, adhering to standard operating procedures.
Adequate communication skills in at least one international language at an intermediate level.
Graduates possess the ability to contribute thoughts, ideas, suggestions, critiques, and opinions for the advancement of the local conference and event management industry.
Graduates identify business opportunities within the field of conference and event management, thereby fostering employment prospects.
Leadership capabilities, enabling graduates to lead teams and collaborate with colleagues and external partners.
Proficiency in building and maintaining sustained networks with external partners.
Competence in supervising projects, production, and human resources.
The prospect of graduates

Graphic designers, content planners, advertisements, movies, animators, etc.


Entrepreneurs, design consultants, project designers, etc.


Researchers, mentors, educators, trainers, etc.

Specialized curriculum