1.We nurture a new generation of confident, creative, and innovative individuals through top-notch visual communication design education.

2.We dedicate ourselves to excellence, innovation, and professional design research in visual communication, addressing design challenges across society.

3.We forge professional networks and partnerships with government, private enterprises, communities, and social organizations to jointly advance the field of visual communication design.


We are committed to being a trusted, innovative, and leading pioneer in the field of visual communication design science. Our focus is aligned with the latest advancements in modern industrial technology, encompassing graphic design, advertising design, and interactive multimedia design.

Postgraduate achievement
1.Proficiency in applied industrial branding based on product, recording media, and illustration.

2.Ability in entrepreneurship, soft skills, salesmanship in design practice, and visual communication in the industrial sector.

3.Capability to solve problems using design knowledge and diverse multimedia applications for various industrial purposes.
Graduates of Universitas Pertiwi's Visual Communication Design Research Program will receive a Bachelor's degree in Design (SDS).
The prospect of graduates
Working direction

Graphic designers, content planners, advertisements, movies, animators, etc.


Entrepreneurs, design consultants, project designers, etc.


Researchers, mentors, educators, trainers, etc.

Learning process
Theoretical lecture

The lecture will be held in class to discuss the materials provided by the lecturer and to discuss the topics raised.

Student research

Research with students and mentors, fulfill the obligation to meet the graduation requirements of students, and output in the form of papers and national journal publications.

Practical lecture

The lecture will be held in the studio, and the project work needs to be completed within the specified time.


Offer campus activities in applied design sciences, including revitalizing traditions to influence the design direction of MSME products.

External extension

Provide community-related design science-related advice, such as branding, packaging and promotion of local products.

Lecturer research

One of the regular activities of lecturers in fulfilling Tridharma obligations at Universitas Pertiwi, whose output appears in the form of national and international indexed scientific publications