The "D4 Hotel Management" degree program encompasses a comprehensive study of the hotel industry, covering a wide range of knowledge, including FnB products, room service, pastry and bakery, restaurant and bar management, and various aspects related to hotel operations. This program falls under the School of Tourism and Culture at Universitas Pertiwi and was established four years ago, with its inaugural graduating class approaching.In addition to the hotel industry, this program also delves into the culinary sector, encompassing various culinary skills such as European, Chinese, Arab, and traditional cuisine. 
Furthermore, it encompasses a variety of beverage and pastry preparation techniques. With alumni from the hotel industry and a teaching staff comprising many industry practitioners, the learning environment is enriched with practical experience and a vibrant atmosphere.
D4 Hotel Management

Provide reliable, distinctive, professional and competent education and learning in all areas of applied science. Conduct research that is reliable, distinctive, professional and competent in all fields of applied science. Provide reliable, distinctive, professional and excellent professional services in all fields of applied science.


Advance and foster reputable, dedicated, and advanced applied tourism management programs characterized by professionalism and excellence. Our aim is to educate exceptional tourism scholars with applied bachelor's degrees. The development of applied knowledge in hotel management is directed towards meeting the quality standards required by professionals in the 'hotel industry,' aligning with the national professional standards set by the Indonesian Ministry of Labor (Hotel and Restaurant Regulation No. 239/MEN/X/2004).

Characteristic Curriculum

Kitchen operation

Hotel management

Catering products

Counter service

Room service

Restaurant and bar service

Postgraduate achievement
Excellent Learning Program

Graduates have unique and popular skills in the industrial field.

The faculty and staff are mainly practitioners of local hotel operators.

The school has established a deep cooperative relationship with the hotel industry.

The curriculum is based on practice, with practical courses accounting for 60% and theoretical courses accounting for 40%.

The learning style is hybrid and may include online and offline teaching.

Students are required to complete an one-year internship program.

Students are required to participate in community service (KKN) programs.

Proficient in delivering top-notch hotel services that meet five-star standards, emphasizing safety, health, cross-cultural sensitivity, and effective problem-solving during service.

Competent in baking, pastry, and culinary arts, adhering to quality and hygiene standards, while prioritizing food safety and aesthetics, and applying health, safety, and environmental protection principles.

Capable of implementing excellent housekeeping and catering services that consistently meet high customer satisfaction ratings.

Skilled in promoting Isa Design Hotel offerings, utilizing technology, and applying persuasive communication while adhering to standard procedures.

Graduates contribute valuable insights to the hotel industry's development and identify business opportunities that can create jobs within the sector.
The prospects of graduates