Universitas Pertiwi
Universitas Pertiwi, also known as Homeland University, is a prestigious and comprehensive full-time university with a rich history.Universitas Pertiwi is composed of five colleges, including the School of Foreign Languages (STBA School), the International School (Internasional School), the School of Economics (STIE School), the School of Tourism (AKPAR School), and the School of Technology and Arts (Teknologi School). 

The name 'Pertiwi' signifies the homeland, and the university plays a significant role in the educational landscape of the homeland by offering a wide range of academic fields, including foreign languages, economics, tourism, technology, and the arts. Additionally, it introduces outstanding international programs to provide students with a global perspective and cross-cultural skills.

The International School at the university plays a crucial role in its internationalization efforts, nurturing students with a global outlook and intercultural competencies, contributing to the globalization of education."This translation maintains a formal and informative tone while elaborating on the university's colleges and internationalization efforts. If you need further assistance or have other requests, please feel free to let me know.
3 Faculties and 10 Study Programs

The following are several faculties under Universitas Pertiwi

Why study in PERTIWI?

Over 40 years of educational experience.

Internship programs with a strong corporate background.

Flexible learning options.

Scholarships available for both government and private sector.

Our instructors are all Ph.D. level senior executives in business management.

Diverse class schedules to accommodate different needs.

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